Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Bolt before Christmas? Eh, no

As you can tell by the title, it looks like my Bolt will not get to the dealer by Christmas, let alone to my house in Maryland. As a mini "Dude, where's my Bolt?" update, here is the latest tracking information for the train my Bolt (and a lot of other Bolts) is on:
  • 12/9 - on a truck from Orion to Toledo, Ohio
  • 12/12 - arrived in Toledo
  • 12/16 - arrived in Airline Junction, Ohio....3 miles west of Toledo. =/
  • 12/18 - arrived in Gibson, Indiana (city is actually Hammond)
  • 12/20 , 6:23AM: Still in Gibson, Indiana 
  • 12/20, 12:03PM: Departed Thorton, IL!
 photo boltmap2_zpsiy3ir8mw.jpg
Train has been moving slightly faster than a frozen snail.

So my Bolt has traveled a little over 300 miles in.....11 days, or a whopping 29 miles a day. Good lord! Only 2,000 miles to go. Or 4,600 miles if you count the cross-country trip back to MD.

FYI, it is 558 miles from the Orion factory to my doorstep. My Bolt will likely be the most traveled retail Bolt in existence when it finally gets delivered to me despite the fact it will have just a handful of miles on the odometer when it hits my driveway. ☺

 photo bolt_map_zpspd32fsat.jpg
The ridiculous trip my Bolt will take to get to my driveway in MD

So besides the location of my Bolt (might as well be on the moon), what else is there to talk about? How about insurance costs, of course. How expensive will it be to insure a Chevrolet Bolt?!

I called my insurance company last week to find out. I asked the rep to find out how much it would be if they removed my 2017 VOLT from my policy (I have a 2012 and 2017 Volt) and replaced it with my future 2017 BOLT. It took the rep a while to even find the Bolt in her system, but it eventually loaded up after I gave her the VIN. She asked me if the Bolt had Onstar, active emergency braking, and adaptive headlights. I responded yes to the first 2 questions, and after a little discussion, found out the Bolt did not qualify for the adaptive headlight discount. Turns out the Bolt's Intellibeam feature only switches the high beams on and off automatically, and does not adjust the level of the lights that would be required for the adaptive headlight discount.

The final quote for the Bolt was *drumroll*......just $80 more per year than the 2017 Volt! My Volt had a $35k price tag (LT model with just comfort package). The Bolt has a $43,510 MSRP, so the $80 per year difference may be solely due to the MSRP difference. Basically, the Bolt is no more expensive to insure than a Volt! It could be even cheaper if compared against similarly equipped Volt Premier. So my worries about the Bolt being significantly higher to insure have now been put to rest. If you think about it, it makes sense, as the Bolt does not have any of the gas engine components a Volt has.

My next post will be all about pricing for my Bolt, as I should have that locked down in the next few days.

UPDATE: The Bolt train just left Thorton, IL! Based off tracking history from Corvette forums, the train could arrive in CA as soon as this Friday! Woohoo! Then up to a few days to get trucked to the actual dealership. 

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  1. Interesting and frustrating at the same time. I feel your pain...

    It looks like you're getting it from Rydell Chevy?

    I think "DCMA badge" should be "DMCA badge". Typo?

  2. Nice price!

    It must hurt knowing that your Bolt was probably less than 1,000 miles away... but every day it gets further and further away from you.

    Electrek: Grinch Motors: Anonymous Source Claims Unprecedented Compliance Car Bolt EV Delay Ruined Christmas.

    1. Ha, yeah... gotta wait for the snapback. 😛

  3. Watching your progress with great interest! I'll probably wait until they go on sale in MD or VA, vs getting one shipped from CA. It's been a year since I returned my leased Leaf, and I'm getting fed up driving the wife's gasser...