Monday, December 26, 2016

So close, yet so far away...

Apologies for this delayed update, but real life matters and some unexpected holiday travel occupied much of my time recently.

Now the news most of you have been waiting for: the Bolt-train has arrived in California! Finally! At 5:34PM EST on Friday, December 23rd, I received the update I had been waiting for all week long: "Rail car has arrived at customer location", with the customer location being Mira Loma, California. This is the unload site for vehicles destined for Southern California dealers being shipped by the auto train. The following is a list of all the places the Bolt-train passed en-route to Mira Loma:

12/3 - Bolt ready for shipment
12/9 - on a truck from Orion to Toledo, Ohio
12/12 - arrived in Toledo
12/16 - arrived in Airline Junction, Ohio
12/18 - arrived in Gibson, Indiana

12/20 - Thorton, IL
12/21, 6:53AM - Rock Creek Junction, MO
12/21, 8:37AM - West Yard, Kansas 
12/21, 11:10AM - Topeka, Kansas 
12/21, 1:44PM - Dwight, Kansas 
12/21, 3:18PM - White City, Kansas 3:18PM
12/21, 4:20PM - Ramona, Kansas 4:20PM 
12/22, 5:10AM - Dalhart TX 
12/22, 6:52AM - Tucumcari, NM 
12/23, 3:07AM - Picacho, AZ 
12/23, 4:33AM - Sentinel AZ 
12/23, 5:35AM - Calford, AZ 
12/23, 7:07AM - Yuma, AZ 
12/23, 7:59AM - Cactus, CA 
12/23, 11:00AM - Garnet, CA 
12/23, 5:34PM - Mira Loma, CA (woohoo!)

 photo 6a473a96-12eb-4183-ab32-a5d589f4cf68_zpsjomfnker.png
The winding trek the Bolt-train took to its final destination in CA.

Once it left Thorton, IL, it reall hauled the mail--er, Bolts! A few times I called for train location updates, I literally could not make out the city the system was stating due to the robotic voice pronunciation. Otherwise, I would have had a few more locations listed.

According to my dealer, the Bolts could arrive at the dealership as soon as tomorrow, December 27th. Assuming pre-delivery prep goes as planned, it could be ready to be picked up for shipping back to MD as soon as this Wednesday! Then my Bolt begins its final ~2,800 mile leg of its long journey to my driveway in Maryland. Soon I will actually be able to start blogging about my Bolt in my possession...hopefully by the end of the first week in January. Then the fun really begins, where I can do stuff like.....haul baby llamas.

 photo llama_zps6p4ap29b.jpg
Photo credit to Kdawg


  1. Nice! Several people have said that their dealer told them their Bolt would be delivered later this week.

    I'm curious if another Bolt Train was heading to Milpitas for Bay Area deliveries at the same time. Here's hoping! ;)

  2. I only come here for my llama/alpaca fix...

  3. Awesome! Too bad it did not make it for Christmas, but that was gonna be tough to do no matter what since you're shipping it from California.

    Even in January, you're still about to be one of the luckiest EV owners around!

  4. Shoot, it came through where I live. I know where that yard is in the Kansas City area. Could have watched for the train, but sadly, you can't see the cars any more because of the protection used nowadays by the rail cars. Too much vandalism....

  5. Wondering if my Bolt "shipped" on 12/12 is on same train. "Rail can move large numbers of vehicles efficiently. Specially designed rail cars called auto racks have two or three decks and can carry up to 20 vehicles, although the average is around 12 units. A dedicated auto-transport train with 70 auto racks can therefore carry more than 800 vehicles [source: CSX]." Not sure if this was a "dedicated auto-transport train, and how many vehicles were Bolts". But if so, could be a lot of vehicles new to the LA area. Hoping to get lucky this week!

  6. Would your Bolt be one of these? What color did you order?