Thursday, December 22, 2016

So a loaded Bolt is how much?

Latest "Dude, where's my Bolt?" update:

As of early this morning, the Bolt-train was passing through Tucumcari, New Mexico, or around 1,000 miles from its final destination in Mira Loma, CA! That puts it on a schedule to possibly arrive late tomorrow evening at the earliest. As it usually takes a few days for the cars to be unloaded off the train and trucked to local-area dealers, SoCal people that were expecting a Bolt for Christmas will likely be disappointed. However, they should hopefully be getting a nice gift to bring in the New Year! Btw, thanks dude in New Zealand who is still reading! 😉

 photo bolt_map_zpsrzr6cfqp.jpg
About 1,000 miles to go! Or 3,700 if you're me.

Now as promised, here are the details for my Bolt deal. My Bolt was a fully loaded Arctic Blue Metallic (non-premium color) Premier with Drivers Confidence II, Infotainment, and Fast Charging options. Add that all up, and it comes to a total of $43,510. The dealer I am purchasing from, Rydell Chevy, offered a $1k dealer discount off MSRP of a loaded Bolt, which I found more than fair given the demand and supply situation. Other dealers are charging MSRP....and one dealer in the same area as Rydell is even looking to sell over MSRP! Screw those guys.

Anyways, here is the final price worksheet for my deal. As I will be registering the Bolt in MD, the dealer did not charge any CA sales tax, and I will be responsible for paying that tax when the Bolt arrives in Maryland. I put $0 money down, and ended up financing with the dealer at a rate of 2.99% over 72 months (TD Auto Finance btw). If I find a better rate down the road, I can simply refinance as I please, but the 2.99% rate was the best I could find at the moment. Also, I found out that I could NOT use my GM card earnings on the Bolt! Dealer said that is the first time they ever encountered that. I only had a couple hundred bucks of earnings, but still! GM sure is pinching pennies with the Bolt.

 photo price sheet2_zpstqyfnkig.jpg

The $653 monthly payment is a pretty hefty amount, but I will be receiving the $7,500 federal tax credit early next year, so that lightens the blow. I would have also been eligible for a $3,000 MD state rebate as well, but funds for that program expired 3 months ago, and a new program won't be in place until at least next July. Owell.

As for shipping? I found a quote of $775 (open transport) via Ship a Car Direct for transport from CA to MD. Supposedly I will also get a $30 gift card in return if I fill out a review for my experience with Ship a Car.....we'll see.

P.S. as I will soon have a shiny new Bolt in my driveway, that means I will have to say goodbye to my 2017 VOLT! If anyone in Maryland is interested in taking over a Siren Red 2017 Volt LT lease, check out my swapalease listing! Thanks. Only MD residents are eligible to take over this lease.

P.P.S. Cleantechnica and Electrek, no soup for you!


  1. Brian, I wrote you from the Chevy Bolt Forum. I think you fixed the comment glitch in your Blogger. Our Bolt cost MSRP, no discount, $43,510. It is fully loaded, like yours. I was wondering if you knew anything about the cargo area mat option. The Premier Trim package apparently comes with floor mats, but I don't see the cargo mat in our detail sheet. And, the dealer does not have any Bolt options for sale yet, separate from the car. Any knowledge on the cargo mat? AlohaBolt

  2. Has your OnStar connection come online since your Bolt was offloaded from the train?

    Really enjoying yoour updates here and on various forums. I'm also waiting for my Bolt to arrive. TPD was 11/28

  3. So my invoice says shipped 12/12, EXP I/T 12/28, INT COM 12/28. Maybe mine is on the same train, and expected at Rydell on the 28th? Have asked in emails about train tracking 3 times, but they have ignored my question.